When a Canadian Immigration Lawyer has to process a case of an existing client, then it should be ensured by the Canadian Immigration Lawyer that whatever the documents or credentials which are required for the identification of that client, is up to date and valid. Records. It is necessary on the lawyer’s part, to maintain and update the records of the clients he has worked with for future related reference matters. That is why it is necessary whenever any document is given by the client for verification in an original form, then it has to be considered on the lawyer’s part that a copy of such documents should be kept and maintained with him for further references. Such kind of verified documents should be kept by the Canadian Immigration Lawyer as long as the Canadian Immigration Lawyer is serving his client and until the completion of work has been done on the lawyer’s part. Withdrawal of obligations.

At the time of verifying and identifying the documents that have been provided by the client and it comes to know on the Canadian Immigration Lawyers part that that’s kind of documents which has been submitted by the client are obtained or procured in illegal or fraud a form, or when he comes to know that the client he is assisting with is doing some illegal or fraudulent related activities, then the Canadian Immigration Lawyer should withdraw from such kind of case with immediate effect and if unable to do so then he should indirectly stop acting on behalf of the client. This kind of obligation can only be applied in situations when at the time of writing the letter of engagement, the Canadian Immigration Lawyer comes to know about any kind of suspension activities. But increases where the conduct of the client is dishonest and not illegal even in those scenarios as well Canadian Immigration Lawyer can be drawn from that particular case. Inclusion training, diversity, and equality. In order to remain competitive enough it is mandatory for the Canadian Immigration Lawyers to complete some training and keep themselves updated from time to time be it is law, procedures, regulations, rules, judgments, or any kind of law that has been updated recently.

They even have to be socially updated, to ensure the use of such kind of a better training will help the prospective Canadian Immigration Lawyers as well as the existing Canadian Immigration Lawyers to non-discrimination on the basis of religion, race, caste, sex, gender identity or gender expression. Such kind of understanding will help the Canadian Immigration Lawyers to change their behaviour on the basis of microaggressions and unconscious bias which contributes to the discrimination. The training to the Canadian Immigration Lawyer should be provided in such a manner that their current practice and current cases with their clients do not hamper or do not effect and both the adjectives could be delivered simultaneously. Cultural Competence. Cultural competence is required and is always present in the legal profession.